Game Spoilers Podcast
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Jeremy, June and Kerry discuss video games on a monthly basis.
You can find us at and on twitter @GameSpoilersPod

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    Game Spoilers Podcast #7: Donut County

    Grab yourself a cup of coffee, order a desert from the local desert delivery service and come on down with us to Donut County! Jeremy, June and Kerry discuss all things raccoons and trash in this game club.

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    Game Spoilers Podcast #6: Florence

    We're back! After an accidental hiatus, Jeremy, June and Kerry tackle the bite sized game of Florence! With an all new podcast format, the episode is a bit shorter, but please let us know what you think!

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    Game Spoilers Podcast #5: Catherine

    Join Jeremy, June, Kerry, and special guest Shane for a deep dive into the puzzling nature and gameplay of Catherine. We discuss what developer Atlas nailed, what they fumbled and the secret C-3PO Star Wars ending of the game.

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    Game Spoilers Podcast #4: Pyre

    In this episode, we take a look at Pyre, from Supergiant Games (creators of Bastion and Transistor). Come with us from The Commonwealth to The Downside, as we live out our exile with The Nightwings.

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    Game Spoilers Podcast #2: Tacoma

    In this episode, Jeremy, June and Kerry discuss Tacoma. The most recent title from "Fullbright", the creators of Gone Home. Happy Obsolescence Day!

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